Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend In Pop

Good morning, everyone! Let's review the Weekend In Pop before I get too sleepy.
I saw "District 9," and within the first 15 minutes, I was thinking how cool a concept it was, and how I would encourage everyone I knew to see it--it was making some very good sociological and psychological comments. Unfortunately, the second half of the movie turned into an action-packed shoot 'em up, ruining what could have been something very special. I will give it an A for effort. We've seen the themes of alien life integrating with human society before, but this was a very original story, and the South African setting was perfect. I enjoyed the documentary style of filmmaking, as well as the special effects, but in the end, it's a rental.
On television, I watched "Monk," and thought it was better than the Season 8 premiere. There was a teaser for a web series on USA called "Little Monk," but I haven't seen that yet. Looks interesting.
I also saw "Eureka," "Defying Gravity," and the Season 3 premiere of "Mad Men." It was quite good, and promises to be another good season. A lot of stuff to digest in last night's episode. Quite a bit of symbolism.
As far as movies go, I also watched "I Love You, Man" again with my girlfriend who hadn't seen it yet. We both laughed a lot. It's my favorite comedy so far this year.
Got my toes stepped on with the local "48 Hour Film Project," but was actually relieved when I decided to end my involvement. Long story. Listen for more about that on this week's PopSnap! podcast.
A special note, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these posts. That's why Grant and I write 'em. Please feel free to give us your comments about things we're doing, stuff you'd like to see, etc.
Alright, bedtime for me.

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