Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy "Avatar Day"

Moviegoers, Fans, and Critics alike will gather at dozens of theatres across the country tonight. Scenes from James Cameron's "Avatar" will be screened for a select number of people. "Avatar Day" started on Monday when tickets for the screening went up (for free) over the web. Fox's server crashed thanks to the number of people licking their chops at the chance to see "the future of film." With a budget more than $240 million, "Avatar" is the most expensive movie ever made...every single shot in the film is in Digital IMAX 3-D. The film has been an idea of Cameron for years...he's even been tweaking this film for 4! The movie takes us to an alien planet in the future, with all kinds of alien races, weapons, and a few U.S. Marines thrown into the mix. Give props to Fox and Cameron for keeping this project hidden deep within their archives. The teaser trailer was released all over the internet yesterday. Today could mark a new beginning for films...could we see more movies screened in advance on a national scale? Only time (and critics) will tell if the screening process was worth the hype. I'm attending the screening tonight in Nashville. I have not seen the teaser yet...I wanted to wait and see a glimpse into this world in IMAX. For a full recap of the footage, be sure to tune in to next week's podcast!

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