Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Warehouse 13" We Interview Saul Rubinek!

We are on fire with interviews this week!
A special treat for you science fiction fans out there--SyFy has a new original show called "Warehouse 13," and we were lucky enough to be able to talk with one of the show's stars, Saul Rubinek. And don't forget about our interview with "Monk" writer Lee Goldberg, which can also be found below.
Here's what Saul had to say about his experience with "Warehouse 13."

JS: You just got back from Comic-Con in San Diego. What was that experience like?

SR: Comic-Con was a first for me. Overwhelming number of people --  I really had no idea how big an event it is. I was very pleased to see the turn-out at our "Claudia" screening, and at our panel -- almost everyone had seen all three episodes aired so far, that was awesome. I hope to come back next year with  full season under our belt (and hopefully already having shot our second season!)

JS: You're a veteran of many different types of TV shows and movies. What drew you to this role in particular?

SR: I think SyFy is the most exciting network on television today. Their collaboration with Universal Cable Productions is energetic and creative. The combination of these two organizations that produce our show gives us the financial and creative depth so necessary to support the ups and downs of a long series run. SyFy want to expand their audience base, and they've chosen Warehouse 13 as their flagship show to coincide with the rebranding of their network.
What could be better? The role! A role like "Artie" only comes along for an actor once a decade or so. The great thing is the producers have allowed me to collaborate and put a lot of myself into the role, and they've reciprocated by finding elements of of Artie's background, rhythms and energy in the way they write and create his backstory and dialogue. Artie is both in love with the warehouse and loathes it... and that make him a little crazy -- all of which is delicious to play. And my colleagues, Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Allison Scagliotti are awesome -- that's a HUGE part of why I like going to work every day. We have a production team that is truly one of the most professional and expert I've ever had the honor to work with -- they set the bar high every day. One other important thing: Jack Kenny and David Simkins, our Executive Producers have put together a brilliant and enthusiastic writing team  --  they are the powerful engine under the hood of this race car. 
JS: For people who aren't familiar with it, how would you describe "Warehouse 13"?

SR: For people that aren't familiar with Warehouse 13 -- here's the answer:    really! you'll get an earful and an EYEful.

JS: Any clues as to what we'll see in upcoming episodes?

SR: Here's some clues: Artie Nielson isn't really Artie NIELSON. Artie has a nemesis.. not only someone who can ruin his day, but someone who could destroy everything the warehouse stands for. Artie may get into trouble -- and there are people who control Mrs Frederick (Artie's boss) who Artie has to answer to -- namely, the Regents, the people who control and oversee the warehouse activities. The regents have done this for 3000 years.

JS: The show has the potential for a long run. Will we continue to see you in movies?

SR: Of course ---I have a mortgage!

Our thanks to Saul Rubinek for taking time to answer these questions, and a special thanks to our SyFy liason at NBCUniversal for helping us out.
Be sure to catch "Warehouse 13" on SyFy every Tuesday night at 8!

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