Monday, August 3, 2009

Heavy Reading

These past few weeks I've dived into some heavy reading. "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire" was first on my list. I followed with "Order of The Phoenix" and "Half-Blood Prince." I wanted to make sure that I've read the books before I watched the latest installment on film. I mowed through the first two books in a matter of weeks. With some luck, I read the whole book of "Prince" in one day (As my roomate put it, I became a reading "Jedi"). People that know me know I'm the last person in the world to brag. I didn't write this blog to boast my reading skills. I just wanted to pass along the joy that I had reading. I know, I know...insert nerd joke here right?? I'm serious though, many people overlook how good books can be in this technology driven world. Many kids (I was one of them) were forced to read a handful of books every month in grade school for an "Accelerated Reader" program. This process has no doubt changed some of my closest friends' thoughts on reading. I'm just glad that I can still sit back in my favorite chair and enjoy "print" every now and then. So, if you find yourself bored one afternoon....or it's raining and your cable is out....try picking up a good book. In a world full of emails, text messages, and tweets, sometimes just a simple thing like a book can be all the entertainment you need. After all, books are about imagination...and imagination is one of the greatest tools you will ever use.

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