Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seinfeld Brings It For Another Paducah Audience

What a show! Jerry Seinfeld came back to Paducah's Carson Center last Friday night, but he wasn't alone. His opening act was comedian Tom Papa, a very well known comic in his own right.
I was glad Tom came along for the ride. He and Jerry compliment each other very well.
I thought Grant and I would have pretty good seats--what I didn't realize is that they turned out to be front row center! The microphone was literally right in front of us.
It was amazing.
What a treat to have Jerry Seinfeld come out and say "Paduc-Ahhh," "Paduc-Ahhh!" He went on to joke about everything from the close relationship between the words "sucks," and "great," to prescription drug commercials, modern technology, and even his own family.
He took a break every few minutes to grab a sip of water.
After his set, the audience gave him a well-deserved standing ovation, then he came back out and took questions.
What did he think of the Tiger Woods situation? Would he take the Tonight Show? And Why does he still tour? To which he simply replied, "Did you have a good time tonight?" (The audience responded with thunderous applause) Then Tom Papa came back out, the two shook hands, took another bow in unison, and left the stage headed to their next stop, Peoria, Illinois.
A great evening for sure, and a performance both Grant and I agreed we would remember for many years to come.

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