Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Things To Look For At Comic-Con

Five Things To Look For At Comic-Con 2009

5) New TV Shows - Get an early glimpse of the Fall preview by some of the popular new shows coming to a network near you.

4) Casting Announcements - Some of the most anticipated roles in big budget movies happen in San Diego. Studios also use certain panels to announce guest stars and cameos in upcoming movies and TV shows.

3) Special Guests - This is the 40th anniversary of Comic-Con. There are sure to be plenty of special guests besides the expected black balloons that come with 40.

2) Movies - Some of the most anticipated movies of the year wait until Comic-Con to begin their "press junket." These aren't just superhero movies we're talking about. Some of the biggest panels in San Diego don't have anything to do with men in costume or ladies in distress.

1) Fans - There is one reason and one reason alone that Comic-Con is a huge success -- YOU. Where else can you fight an 8-hour crowd just to get a glimpse of Jon Favreau unveiling footage of "Iron Man 2?" The quickest way to see what the next blockbuster movie is going to be -- follow the swarms of people through the booths and you will more than likely locate the next golden ticket.

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