Monday, February 8, 2010

Lala Gives Music Back to the People

Since we talked about Bonaroo on our most recent podcast, it got me thinking about how great it is to find a new artist or a new song to obsess over.

Lala, a music sharing site that brags over eight million licensed songs available for play and download, allows users to upload their already existing music libraries (think iTunes and Windows Media Player) to their site, but why would someone want to do this? While studying at school or visiting grandma, users can access their music, advertisement free, just by logging on to lala. Along with uploading music to the site, a user can even bring along existing playlists that they've created. While iTunes can create playlists from music you already own, this site can let you explore new music.

Find a great song? Purchasing is less expensive than iTunes will ever be; get a web song for ten cents, or download the full song for around eighty-nine cents. I had already been using Lala after iTunes raised their some of their prices to an absurd one-dollar and twenty-nine cents in April of 2009 and I know this sounds like a commercial here, but this site has impressed me from the beginning.

Now awaiting approval from the Apple, Lala has an iPhone app waiting in the wings. I have tested the beta and it will prove to be an amazing app to those who take advantage of uploading their music to lala, because a users' entire music library can be access through the app using 3G or Wi-Fi.

Lala is a site made to be shared with friends. Many users link their Lala music profile to their facebook profile to share with their friends the new music are listening to and purchasing. New members even get fifty free web songs just for joining.

Give Lala a listen, enjoy the fifty free songs, and you can thank me later.

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