Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Yours!

Super Bowl week is always packed full of pop culture goodness. The Super Bowl isn't just about football, it's a mashup of sports, music, and entertainment all thrown into one of the most watched spectacles in the world. More on the "Unofficial National Holiday" later this week. I'm excited to learn that Johnny Depp himself will be doing a documentary on Keith. Most avid Stones fans call him Keith, but he's known as Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.
The Rolling Stones are my favorite music group of all-time. Their songs have shaped my past, present, and hopefully my future. I get it from my Dad. He is the biggest Stones fan that I know. I've been "rocking out" to the Stones since before I stopped wearing a diaper. Martin Scorsese's "Shine A Light" was a great concert movie about the personal and professional side of being a Stone. I caught the film on the IMAX screen in Nashville (Yes, Keith Richard's head was huge), but it was worth every penny (and wrinkle).
Johnny Depp has gone on record a number of times saying how much he adores Keith. Most fans know that Keith played a big role is his motivation for Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of The Caribbean" films. So Depp already has plenty of Keith research under his belt. I'm excited to see what Depp can do with one of the greatest guitar players ever. As Keith Richards says to Buddy Guy in "Shine A Light,"..."It's yours!"

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