Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Transforming To DVD

"Transformers: Revenege of the Fallen" is now out on DVD and Blu-ray. It's the biggest film of the year. Through August, Optimus and the gang have grossed more then $800 million dollars worldwide. There's a bunch of different versions at many outlets throughout the country. I picked up the "Big Screen Edition" which includes the IMAX scenes from the film. No, I don't have an IMAX at my home, but the "Forest Battle" is my favorite scene in the movie and you can see more of the fight with the wide angle lens. There's even an Optimus Prime replica for blu-ray fans that are interested.

I'm a special features type of guy, and "Big Screen Edition" does not disappoint. There's over 3 hours of features, including deleted scenes, interviews with Michael Bay and Steven Speilberg, and loads of behind the scenes footage. The movie is one of the biggest spectacles ever put together, and you can certaintly see that in the special features.

I grew up with "Transformers" so I was excited when I heard about the possibility of a movie. The first movie was AWESOME and the sequel expands the world of gigantic robots by ten times! The original is still my favorite, but this film takes special effects to a whole new level. Pop some popcorn, call over a few friends, and sit down and enjoy the show!

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