Monday, October 12, 2009

In Which We Talk To Whitney Matheson

She writes a daily blog for called "PopCandy," and a little while back, we got a chance to talk with Whitney Matheson about her experiences at this year's Comic Con in San Diego.
Yes, it's a little late, but she's an extremely busy person.
Check out the interview below:

PS: What do you think will be the biggest "sleeper" movie or TV show to come out of Comic Con?

WM: "I'm not really sure how to answer this, because these days Comic-Con is pretty much dominated by the big-budget movies and series. But the film I was most impressed with was "Kick-Ass," a movie that didn't have a distributor when it came to the convention. The filmmakers received a standing ovation, and, sure enough, it now has a distributor and a release date."

PS: What are you most looking forward to on TV this fall?

WM: "FlashForward" is interesting. I've also heard great things about "Stargate Universe," though the premiere is still on my DVR!

(*PS: In related news, ABC just picked up "FlashForward" for a full season!)

PS: What one thing from Comic Con (movie or TV show) can you just not
wait to see?

WM: "I hate to repeat myself, but it might be "Kick-Ass" - that movie looked so good! Also, I'm intrigued by "Avatar" ... who isn't?"

PS: What was one of the most revealing items from the "Lost" panel?

WM: "Ooh, there was so much I wrote a blow-by-blow description! I was happy to hear that Elizabeth Mitchell would be returning. And each video clip was extremely revealing (do a YouTube search to see them), even though I'm still not entirely sure what they all mean."

Our thanks to Whitney for taking time to answer a few questions! Be sure to check out her writing every day in PopCandy on

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