Monday, May 17, 2010

The End Is Near

4...8...15...16...23...42.... The countdown is underway for the final 2 episodes of ABC's "Lost." This time next Monday, there will be plenty of people circled around a water cooler talking about the series finale. It saddens me to even think about it. There's a brand new episode tomorrow night at 8 pm CST on ABC which will lead up to the finale Sunday night. The finale is 2.5 hours long! There's not many things that can offset the news, the Oscars comes to mind, but it's still exciting and flattering that ABC affiliates are pushing back their Sunday newscast for the "Lost" wrap-up. In honor of the end, there are all sorts of magazines, TV show appearances, podcasts, and such that will be happening this week with actors, writers, and creators of the show.

Jody, Katie, and I will have a special podcast this Wednesday night to talk all things "Lost." Be sure to tune in for that. You guys are welcome to call in to the podcast any week and discuss pop culture with us. I'm sure there will be a FEW more posts about the upcoming end. Until then, "Take care, Brotha."

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