Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going Green

As we continue our marathon of films leading up to "The Avengers," it's time to take a look at the big green monster with anger issues. "The Incredible Hulk" came out in 2008 just one month after the success of "Iron Man." This was the second Hulk movie in 5 years....most people disliked Ang Lee's "Hulk" when it debuted to bad ratings in 2003. I liked Lee's version, but I enjoyed this version more. It's not easy being green...and it's especially not easy making a big green movie. Marvel stepped up their game for this second installment by getting Edward Norton to play Bruce Banner/HULK. William Hurt and Liv Tyler are also nice additions, but Jennifer Connolly is still my favorite Betty Ross (She provided a big spark in the 03 version). The problem with doing a HULK movie is that you've got to find the other side of the coin...a villain with enough force to deal with the green man. Enter Tim Roth as he eventually turns into The Abomination. As always, there are plenty of Marvel "Easter eggs" throughout...including references to Stark Industries and a Super Soldier serum. "The Incredible Hulk" is the forgotten one of these Marvel 5 films, but it's very enjoyable and shouldn't be overlooked. Marvel movies are known for having scenes after the credits that tease upcoming events. This movie has the best "tease" scene of the 5 films and it takes place before the credits roll ( So if you plan on watching it, you don't have to worry about scrolling through the credits). As you know, Edward Norton broke up with the green monster for reasons that we're not certain, but he will always have his "HULK SMASH," and we will always have this movie.

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