Monday, July 26, 2010

Who's Missing?

BREAKING NEWS. I'm about to blog for the first time in months. That's right nerds and nerdettes, the closing ceremonies of Comic-Con brought the urge to share some geek thoughts. This year's festival was packed full of pop culture goodness. The unveiling of "The Avengers" cast on Saturday was the cherry on top for many fans, especially those hoping for a shot in the arm from Marvel Studios. Even with all the glitz, glamor, costumes, and screams, something was missing from this year's festival. Or maybe I should say someone....

Spider-Man. That's right, your friendly neighborhood movie franchise that's getting a reboot was nowhere to be found in San Diego. I was hoping for some casting announcements, villain choices, plot developments, anything, but all we got was a new Spider-Man video game teaser. Sony and Marvel want to keep this reboot at a low-budget price so maybe that was the plan all along? If I'm Sony and I'm throwing out one of the most popular superheros ever with a small budget and mostly unknown director, I'm using Comic-Con as a way of gaining some support.

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero of all-time. It's only natural that I want to see the new trilogy be successful, even if I am against a reboot (see earlier articles for more details). I just think that the team had the perfect opportunity to give us something over the weekend and bring us hope for the future. Maybe this is part of Marvel's master plan? Maybe they want "The Avengers" to take center stage and let Spidey stay under the radar.....

They have to give us something soon. My web is getting thick.

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