Thursday, March 25, 2010

"At The Movies" Cancelled

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime, the long running movie review program "At The Movies" has been cancelled.
As you'll see from the article in the above link, the show was made popular by the late Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, who continues to churn out regular film reviews of his own. I had watched it since its early days (before it was called "At The Movies,") and it inspired me to be a movie critic in college. That was where I launched "The Screening Room," which aired weekly on the college TV station.
That venue allowed me access to people like Today Show movie critic Gene Shalit, with whom I once spoke on the telephone.  I also wrote to Roger Ebert, got his autograph and some advice about movie reviews. I later became Facebook friends with another of the show's hosts, movie critic Richard Roeper.
There are many places you can now go to get reviews of movies, but the real trend setters are becoming few and far between. Not too long ago, "Variety" dismissed its longtime film critic, and with the popularity of blogs and other forms of social networking websites, it's easy to follow the notion that, really, the only true opinion of a movie that really matters is your own.
Although, I still believe it's good to sample what critics have to say about a new film. You can do that a lot easier now by going to sites like and others.
In any case, "At The Movies" was a groundbreaking show, and it will be missed.

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