Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"FlashForward" Reviewed

By now, most people have seen the new ABC show "FlashForward," which has been hyped as "the next Lost." So, as you may imagine, I was really looking forward, no pun intended, to its debut last week. 

The storyline was intriguing--people all over the world black out for 2 minutes, 17 seconds, a time when many of them see a vision of the future. We learn that these futures, although different for every person, are in fact connected. 

After everyone wakes up, we see that there has been some sort of global attack, and streets are in chaos. We're still working on that mystery.

Let me first say that I'm in. The show has a high "what happens next" factor, and I'll tune in for that reason alone. Having said that, the show is, by no means, another "Lost." The only way I can connect it to "Lost" is the big mystery, and a lot of characters. The minute you start comparing a TV show or movie to an already established hit, you're setting a near impossible goal. To both satisfy fans of the existing product, while also drawing in new ones. Very tough indeed. 

I read a recent article with which I must agree. Whereas "Lost" immediately developed characters you cared about, loved, or hated, then added the "what's going on here" element, "FlashForward" has done just the opposite. First we get the "what's going on?" then the characters. The show has a fine cast of talented actors, notably Joseph Fiennes and John Cho, among many others, but really needs to work on character development.

Where "Lost" gave us an onion that's been slowly peeled week after week, "FlashForward" has chopped up the onion, and now we have to see how in the world it all fits back together. 

You can watch "FlashForward" Thursday nights at 7 on ABC.

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